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10:11am on Wednesday, 18th April, 2007:

That certain je ne sais pas...


One last holdover from my recent trip to the USA is this picture from Sunday's Star Tribune, a newspaper delivered free to my hotel room in Minneapolis, which I can at last scan:

Imported from Normandy? Normandy as in, Normandy?

There I am, thinking that what with the Internet and all, even the most parochial of individuals can think beyond their own front door and dream about faraway places. Then I realise that, how about that, a quick query to Mr Google is too much for some people. This is what old town buildings in Normandy look like, or this; you know, French rather than colonial French.

If you don't mind spending a few weeks with a broken leg, by the way, I highly recommend emerging from your hotel room on a Sunday morning and falling over the 2-inch block of paper left outside the door. The resulting compensation should be well worth the pain.

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