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8:15am on Tuesday, 17th July, 2007:

Reasons to Publish


So powerful is the impression I make on young and, er, impressionable minds that some of my former students still deign to speak to me after they're freed from my lectures. One such ex-student, Darryl Woodford, informed me yesterday that AuthorHouse is now doing print-on-demand in the UK. What's more, it's doing so somewhat cheaper than CafePress, which I mentioned in QBlog in May.

Having bought a batch of ISBNs and spent several days whipping one of my novels into CafePress-friendly form (which involved downloading and installing OpenOffice just so I could create a .pdf with the pages the right size), only to find that each volume (it's a 2-volume set) would cost $24 to print, I was rather interested in learning more. Apparently, they have some kind of book that explains the process, which, its being free, I decided to apply for. This entailed filling in a short form.

The form has six questions, of which this is the fourth:

So of the eight most popular reasons for writing a book, "I want to support my ministry" is common enough to merit being featured?

Hmm, if I didn't already know that AuthorHouse was an American outfit, I suspect that this may have given me a clue.

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