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1:14pm on Sunday, 17th June, 2007:

Easy Marking


I just had a look through a sample of final-year projects for which I'm external examiner, and noticed an interesting correlation between the marks for the project and the students' ability to spell. In other words, if the projects had been marked for spelling instead of for content, they'd have got the same grades.

I can't tell you what the grades are, because the students haven't been told yet, but let's just say the difference between this:

Its popularity has sawed all over the world

and this:

History of Warren Spector
Warren Specter has worked as a game designer for the last 17 years

mirrored the difference between their final grades.

Of course, if we did actually mark by spelling instead of content, people would concentrate on spelling so it would be useless as a metric. While we don't, though, it works.

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