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10:35pm on Friday, 16th February, 2007:



Huh, it's bad that I had to pay 10 Euros per day for Internet access, good that the hotel didn't make me click through the same tiresome options menu on the second day to keep my access, but bad that they sneakily decided to add another 10 Euros for pay-movie access that I didn't know I'd got until it came to pay for it. When I complained at the desk, they said that the system was operated by a different company, not the hotel, and that what happened to me "happens a lot".

Hmm, that's pretty much what the coffee victim sympathiser said. I wonder if it's just coincidence, or if "it's broken, but don't worry, it's broken for everyone" reflects some aspect of German culture of which I was hitherto unaware?

Oh well, it was only Euros, it's not as if it was real money or anything.

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