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10:13pm on Saturday, 14th July, 2007:

Impressions of Oviedo #2


Oviedo has statues everywhere. I took photos of 26 different statues, and that excludes the three I missed when my camera was out of batteries. Here are some of them:

This is me and Woody Allan. Yes, Woody has his own statue in Oviedo:

Here he is again in daylight. I'm guessing he'd be comfortable with the fact that someone tried to steal his statue's glasses:

Oh look! It's Little Red Riding Hood, all grown up!

By the placing of the rubbish, it would appear that this statue table is so life-like, people use it as a real table:

This is La Gorda — the fat woman. Locals use her as a meeting point:

This one looks the same from the other side, thank goodness:

Oh Look! It's Little Red Riding Hood's dad!

Woman weeping for the future of computer game education in the UK:

In Britain, we've only just got around to legalising breast-feeding in public places. In Spain, they have statues doing it:

They have a big statue at the top of a hill overlooking the city:

And finally, my favourite:

You really have to admire the genius of whoever put that cigarette butt there — it's absolutely perfect for that statue.

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