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3:11pm on Friday, 13th April, 2007:

Friday 13th


It's just as well I'm not superstitious, or the fact that my flight from Indianapolis to Chicago has been delayed an hour (meaning it touches down at the same time as my connecting flight to Minneapolis commences boarding) would spell DOOM. The additional observation that when I tried to get a self-service boarding pass the machine broke down on me would confirm this, and if any further evidence were required then the appearance of the dreaded SSSS when I finally persuaded a machine to re-issue my boarding pass ought to suffice.

However, I'm not superstitious so I went to the check-in desk and pleaded to be put on a later flight out of Chicago. My "cute English accent" paid off, and I was moved to a Minneapolis flight an hour later. Now, there's a fighting chance I'll be on it, and it doesn't have the SSSS Mark of Death.

Minneapolis, here I come!

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