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6:53pm on Tuesday, 13th March, 2007:

Locked Out


Well, I locked myself out of my office today.

OK, so the fine details are that I left my keys in my office and the person I share the office with went out, locking it (and my keys) behind, so strictly speaking I didn't lock myself out. Nevertheless, I was locked out, and it was my fault.

Knowing I had a lecture in an hour's time, I was concrned that getting a master key to unlock it in time (my laptop was in there) might have been a problem. The cleaners have master keys, but they work early or late in the day, not while academics are around messing the place up. The person who gave me my key would also have a master, but he works down in the depths of the building as some kind of technical engineer and he's not always around — he could have been anywhere on campus or, indeed, at home.

So, I went to the General Office where the majority of the department's administrative staff are located. Sheepishly, I asked if they had a master key, and within half a second one was in my hand.

It turs out that academics are so bad at keeping track of where their keys are that they lock themselves out of their offices (or forget to bring their keys to work at all) that they master key is needed almost daily.

Tempted though I was to open the door of the Head of Department and look at my records, I resisted.

I might not have done if he hadn't actually been in his office with the door open, though.

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