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4:29pm on Thursday, 11th October, 2007:

What to Blog


Ah, the excitement of writing a daily blog, it means I never know what's going to be in it.

I was thinking this earlier today on the way to the university. What am I going to write about today?

Then, I realised I was stuck in a traffic jam caused by a van delivering shop fittings that were being unloaded by members of the shop's staff. The van was parked at an angle, its front offside wheel on the pavement. This meant that of its two back doors, only the one that dangled out over the road would stay open, and it was through this that it was being unloaded. The people took a fitting, carried it inside, then came back for another one. They didn't unload them all onto the pavement, they carried them in one at a time.

This meant the bus that was on the road behind them couldn't get past (because of the door) and it had to wait until every single item was carried inside the shop before it could move. I was in the car behind the car behind the bus. There was one car behind me, then a crossroads that was completely choked. Nothing could move until that van's rear onside door was closed.

So, I can note for future reference that whatever it is that causes me to have time to ponder on what I'm going to blog about, that's what I can blog about.

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