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3:57pm on Saturday, 10th November, 2007:

FAX Spam


I started getting spam FAXes recently. This came as something of a surprise as I'm registered with the FAX Preference Service — it complained that it already had my FAX number when I tried to re-register. I decided, therefore, to keep all the FAXes sent, with the aim of putting them in an envelope and asking the FPS to do something about it.

Naturally, before doing so I tried one last time to re-register, to ensure that my number was indeed on their list, and this time it accepted it. Great. So, all those saved FAXes can be recycled.

However, just as a matter of interest I thought I'd categorise them to see what kinds of company think they can drum up business by costing people a sheet of paper and a drain on their ink cartridge every day. Of the 19 I saved:

Of these, only the last 3 were from single companies (ie. there were two trying to sell me jackets, another 2 trying to sell me mobile phone minutes etc.).

I did have another fleece jacket one, but I didn't save it as it was too gosh darned grafitti-temping to send to the FPS:

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