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6:27pm on Sunday, 9th December, 2007:

Green Baubles


We put up our Christmas decorations today, far too soon for one daughter and far too late for the other. We would probably have waited a week before doing it normally, but my brother is visiting next weekend so we thought we'd use the opportunity to disguise the gaping hole in our lounge ceiling with festive hangings.

We always put a green bauble at the back of the tree. It's a family tradition. There's no reason to it, we just do it. We started doing it when I was child, although I seem to remember someone else in the family saying they always did it, so maybe that's what gave use the idea. My brother does it, too: his tree will also have a green bauble at the back, assuming he puts one up (I think he has some mutt or other so it may not be practical).

We have other traditions, of course, such as particular decorations going in particular places, and particular daughters putting on particular sets of baubles. Also, I always buy at least one new decoration for the tree every year, which keeps pace with the breakages. The green bauble behind the tree is the most enduring tradition, though.

Yes, OK, so it's a meaningless ritual, but hey, it's fun, we only have to do it once a year, and it's a nice link to the past.

Christmas and green baubles both.

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