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8:42pm on Monday, 8th October, 2007:

Bouncy Rubbish


Augh! Three times today I've thrown things into rubbish bins and they've bounced out. What's particularly annoying is that they weren't just any old crumpled-up piece of paper that I'd be able to pick up easily, but really messy, annoying things.

One was the plastic container that I'd microwaved some rice in. It bounced out, and all the last grains rice which I had been unable to get out when I wanted to get it out suddenly managed to release itself to scatter across the floor. Another was an empty juice container, except it managed to be not empty when it bounced out of the bin and splashed orange sticky stuff everywhere. Finally, there was an apple peel that bounced from the bin and disintegrated as if it had been hit with some kind of laser gun, dropping not only peel but apple mush that by all rights should have been part of the peel.

Three times, and a different bin each time — augh!

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