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7:40pm on Friday, 7th December, 2007:

Meta Meeting


I attended my first Senior Staff meeting today, which was the Annual Review. Basically, this meant we had to decide which of the junior members of staff who had asked for promotion or more money were to be recommended to the university's pay review board. Naturally, more people wanted promotion than we were allowed to recommend, so we had to make a decision.

Now the way this works is that each applicant submits their CV and we mull them over. However, some people on the committee expressed concern that they hadn't had time to read the applications. Others expressed concern that if we reconvened the meeting on another day then only a handful of people would be able to make it.

Thus, we spent the first 40 minutes of a scheduled 2-hour meeting making a decision as to whether the meeting would make a decision. We had two votes as to how to proceed (both ties) and it almost went to the toss of a coin.

I used the time to read the CVs.

In the end, we did make our decision, and we won't be called upon to reconvene during the Christmas break.

Ah, university committees... Oh well, give it a few years and all the junior members of staff will have been promoted, then we won't need to bother with this one again.

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