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12:14pm on Saturday, 7th July, 2007:

Famous Names


What do the following famous names have in common?
Steve Austin
Chris Carter
Robert Bateman
Mark Lawson
Steve Howe
James Brown

They're all people who have just completed final year courses in Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth. Who knew they had so many well-known undergraduates?

The above are just the ones I recognised. A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that they also include in their number Canadian politicians and singers, Australian politicians, film directors, footballers, cricketers, police commissioners, baseball umpires, archbishops and pirates.

Oh, they also had someone only the final e short of being a famous Elizabethan dramatist.

On a sad note, Portsmouth's academics are now denied the pleasure of responding "Hurh!" every time one of their number has cause to say "James Brown". Yes, they did do that...

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