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5:06pm on Thursday, 6th September, 2007:

Violent Games


Now that the government has joined the opposition in attacking violent video games, perhaps it's time to point out some basic facts that it may be worth their knowing. I'm sure that both messrs Brown and Cameron read QBlog, so this is for them:

  1. Everyone under the age of 30 has grown up playing computer games, and it's not done them any harm. When politicians are still espouse views on the subject that were discredited 15 years ago, that just makes them look even more out of touch than they usually do.
  2. The UK's multi-million pound computer game industry was just overtaken by Canada. We're now the fourth-largest producer of games in the world. Canada's industry got where it is because of government support. Canada's government understands the importance of games. The UK's government and opposition are making us look like laughing stocks in comparison.
  3. Those people back in 1) there are voters.

Look, guys, you already lost the argument. What's the average age of a gamer in the UK? Let's say 30 — it's actually much higher than that. If it's 30 this year, what will it be next year? What about the year after? What about 10 years from now? 20? The Prime Minister of 2037 will almost certainly have played computer games in their youth, just as today's (that's you, Mr Brown) watched TV and 1977's (James Callaghan) listened to the radio.

It's time you realised what they've realised in Canada: you may not understand games, but your voters do.

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