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7:26pm on Thursday, 5th April, 2007:

Massively Small


I popped into Game today, and (among other things) read the back of the box for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings Online. It boasts that the virtual world has "50 million square metres" of Middle Earth.

Hmm. 1 million square metres is a square kilometre, so that's 50 square kilometres. Or, to make that easier to visualise, it's basically a 7km by 7km square. For those of you who don't work in metric, 7km is around 4 miles 615 yards.

Put another way, The Lord of the Rings Online has compressed all of Eriador into an area smaller than San Marino. Then, they boasted about it on the box.

Scale is another one of those things Reality does better than Virtuality.

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