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7:56pm on Monday, 5th February, 2007:

Mouse in the House


I got a new mouse for my computer today, as the old one was missing the occasional left-click. The replacement cost me £4.99 from PC World, and was bottom of the line. It has a wire and a ball: wireless and laser both cost more.

This is fine by me. I wanted a mouse with a wire and a ball. I like one with a wire because then I don't run out of battery in the middle of things (plus, when I knock my mouse off the table, it doesn't hit the floor). I like one with a ball because laser ones always seem to develop some tracking fault when I use them for any length of time (maybe I give off laser-destroying vibes or something), and also they're too light unless they have batteries (see point 1).

Oh, I got one in black rather than grey, because it'll stay looking cleaner for longer.

If only I could find a decent keyboard.

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