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2:27pm on Thursday, 4th October, 2007:



I went to the university today for the official opening of the new Department of Computing and Electronic Systems.

Riveting stuff.

Anyway, on the walk from the car park I was alarmed to see this:

A bunch of workmen were scything down a line of rather pleasant bushes that kept the wind off the path and provided shelter for a number of pretty Spring plants that I haven't seen growing anywhere else on campus. Why? Well it turns out that the the bushes offered cover for people to hide behind before leaping out and attacking students.

Whuh? So that's a reason to chop down bushes? They don't chop down the university's many concrete columns that muggers can hide behind, they use CCTV for security instead. So why chop down perfectly innocent bushes?

Oh, with the bushes gone you get a great view of the new lecture theatre block, by the way.

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