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12:14pm on Saturday, 4th August, 2007:

Impressions of Cyprus #3


Prices are refreshingly rounded. Things generally cost a whole number of Cypriot Pounds, except when they're too small, in which case the chances are they'll be 50 cents or £1.50. Only very, very infrequently do you see prices such as £1.99 or £4.95.

Souvenir shops close to each other all sell the same things. It may not be the same as is sold somewhere else on the island, but it's the same as the shop next-door.

Italian food in Cyprus doesn't taste as good as Italian food in Italy, nor Cypriot food in Cyprus. It still beats most of what you get in England, though.

Sometimes, the Cypriot urge to please goes too far. I was really quite enjoying my "Orange crêpe with orange syrop" [sic] until I came across the splash of Grand Marnier they'd put in it as a treat...

Anything good about the infrastructure of Cyprus, the Cypriots credit to the British. Anything bad, they blame on the Turks. Surely the Ottomans must have constructed some dams, drained some swamps and declined to pillage some churches?

Ha! They do have flags of Cyprus here! They fly from town halls, if you look closely.

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