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9:24pm on Monday, 4th June, 2007:

Facts and figures


According to RoSPA's database, 185 people in 2002 were victims of accidents involving breadbins.

I know this because today I started a gig compiling a bunch of trivia questions for a game. I've spent all day on it, and have so far managed a total of 50 fully checked-out questions. Another 9 days of this and I'll have the 500 required...

The reasons it takes so long to produce a single question isn't the question itself, it's the checking. Wikipedia, bless its heart, isn't reliable enough to use, so I have to go with reference books and more authoritative organisations. The most annoying thing is when I've spent 15 minutes tracking down multiple sources and I can't use the answers. How many singles did The Smiths release in the UK between 1982 and 1987? You'd think it was a simple matter to find out, but no two discographies seem to agree. What's the area of Africa in square kilometers? So many web sites, so many answers...

Maybe I should enter a pub quiz competition when I'm done.

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