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4:07pm on Sunday, 2nd December, 2007:

Not the Same


You know when they build a shopping mall they put "anchor" stores in the corner? These are the big ones that people will always want to visit, so the idea is that people will walk from one to the other and thereby be tempted by all the ones in between. Well, they have the same idea in Poland, except the anchor stores are not what you might expect them to be. Here's a section of the street map of Lodz that I bought:

Yes, Tesco is a big, important store there.

I went round for a look. It was weird — much more Wilkinson's than Tesco's. It had big, yellow price-cutter signs everywhere, and played not only muzak but adverts. Also, it sold things that you just would not see in UK Tesco stores, such as tyres.

I realise that shops have to adapt to local circumstances, but transmuting into Walmart is a step further than I thought Tesco's would go...

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