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5:02pm on Friday, 2nd March, 2007:

Call Minding


I picked up the phone to make a call today, and there was a beeping. Ah, the call minder service must have caught something while I was asleep! So I dialled 1571 to find out what the message was, and received the somewhat alarming news that my message box was full. Thirty messages awaited me.


OK, so I listened to the first message, and it was from BT itself telling me that I had been sent an empty text message. Presumably, BT had called me when I was asleep and stored the message.

Well, I deleted the message and listened to the second one. This was also from BT itself telling me that I had been sent an empty text message. So was message three, and four, and ...

All thirty messages were from BT to me informing me that one text message I had been sent was blank. As I hadn't been around to answer the message the first time, BT thoughtfully sent it again, but not before it had intercepted itself and stored it in my voice mail. Then, because I didn't answer that one either, it sent it again, and again, and ...

If I didn't have a thirty-message limit to my voice mail, who knows how many messages would have been waiting for me when I dialled 1571? As it was, I had to press the 3 key ("listen to message") twice ("message deleted") thirty times to get rid of the ones I did have.

I wouldn't care, but the blank message was from my elder daughter, who sent it by accident and told me verbally she'd done it, so I knew anyway.

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