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8:23am on Saturday, 1st December, 2007:



While flicking through the TV channels last night and the night before, I found Polish versions of The X Factor, Celebrity Come Dancing and Celebrity Dancing on Ice. I also came across German versions of Countdown, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal. The latter was particularly disconcerting as it was actually called Deal or No Deal, and they actually said "Deal" or "No Deal" rather than whatever it would be in German . I've no idea why they would do that, given that the show was originally invented in Spain. Oh, in case you're interested, the contestant won 5 Euros having turned down the banker's offer of 2.99 when there were 1 and 5 Euros left in the boxes.

Actual foreign language programmes are dubbed into Polish, although unusually the original dialogue is merely subdued at the start, not removed entirely, in the manner that we do on British news programmes when translating foreign dignitaries.

Globalisation of industry, OK, I can see how that happens, powerful economic forces at work etc., but globalisation of television? If you're a Pole, you get to watch Polish current affairs programmes, remakes of foreign game/reality shows, and foreign language programmes either dubbed into Polish or not even dubbed at all. It's a similar story in many other European countries.

It's a pity that computer games aren't much better...

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