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10:21am on Wednesday, 31st May, 2006:



The presenters on GMTV always sit next to each other on a couch. There's always one man and one woman. They start off with the man on one side and the woman on the other, then they switch during the mid-programme commercial break.

You can always see the woman's knees and never the man's.

Here's an example from this morning's show:

John Stapleton's knees are barely visible, but Gloria De Piero's are right up there looking at us. It's the same whatever the woman and whatever the man. Now John Stapleton isn't short, and former tennis professional Andrew Castle is definitely tall, but you don't get their knees in shot all the time. What is it, do women have longer shins or something?

The answer, of course, is that the female presenters are all wearing high heels, which thrust their knees up into view.

So, why are they doing that? What's the point of wearing high heels when your job is to sit down? Is there some suggestion that having high-up knees makes women look more attractive? Or that it makes them better able to present the news? Or is it just that they wear high heels as a matter of course and haven't noticed that when they sit down it makes them look as if they're in seat 53E on a no-frills flight from Gatwick to Atlanta?

One of these days they'll get a female presenter in a wheelchair and we can check out whether she wears high heels or not for a definitive answer.

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