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8:01pm on Saturday, 29th July, 2006:

Impressions of Italy #4


Our hotel rooms are 212 and 214. They're next to each other, there being no room 213.
Some people really make the extra effort with their superstitions.

American Tourist #1 (female): How can it take so long? 500 miles is just like state to state.
American Tourist #2 (female): Back home, 500 years is a long time but 500 miles is a short distance. In Europe, it's the other way round.
Quite perspicacious, I thought.

Restaurant's "English menu":
A soft dessert with marscapone cheese, coffe, spongcake, bits.
Panna cotta (baked cream) with choccolate sauce Biscottis (almond biscuits from Prato) with sweet wine todunkthem in.
Sometimes, it's better to read the Italian.

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