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10:30pm on Saturday, 28th October, 2006:



The progress through border control at JFK wasn't too bad — only 30 minutes. If I'd dawdled getting from the plan to the officers it would have added another 30 minutes, but I'm wise to this airport thing now... Passage through security wasn't bad either, although they make you take your shoes off because Al Qaida insists upon it. My flight to Washington Reagan was at 4:05pm from terminal 31, which is the furthest from the security check, but I had plenty of time to make it.

So why am I sitting here at La Guardia typing this?

Well, my flight was cancelled. There was no explanation offered, and I only noticed it had been cancelled when I glanced up at the noticeboard to see how long it was before we'd be boarding. The friendly "on time" changed to "cancelled" (or it might have been "canceled") ad that was that. I was sent back to be reticketed, which was the other side of the security check, so that was a long walk in itself. Then I had to stand in line at the check-in desk for 40 minutes before they could offer me a new flight. They didn't have any new flights, but US Airways had one from La Guardia, so that's why I'm here. I'd probably still be at JFK if it weren't for the fact that someone else was also being sent to La Guardia and she had the phone number of the taxi company transporting us so was able to call them back after they drove past us twice without stopping.

Oh, and when I checked in here (which only took 2 minutes — see, American Airlines, it is possible), my boarding card had SSSS on it again and I was pulled over for a body search and to have my bags, shoes and laptop wiped and tested for explosive compounds. I asked the guy who searched me if I could ask the US embassy's help to stop being SSSSed and he said it was the airlines that chose who got SSSSed, not the security staff.

I therefire suspect it's revenge on the part of US Airways for my not having booked with them in the first place...

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