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2:36pm on Friday, 28th July, 2006:

Impressions of Italy #3


Waiters who actually enjoy their work. In Britain, I've only ever come across one of these in my entire life, and that was in a £20-for-a-slice-of-ham restaurant in London (mind you, it was damned good ham).

Paintings from before perspective was discovered. How could there ever be such a time? And faces that don't look remotely realistic.
It's amazing to think that if I'd been born in the 13th century, even I could have been a world class artist.

The not entirely unpleasant smell of a cigar detected while descending Florence's campanile, with over 100 steps to go to ground level, despite the numerous vietato fumare signs. We finally found the source, right at the bottom: one of the guards had dutifully gone outside for his smoke, not figuring that he was standing next to what is basically a chimney.

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