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9:27am on Thursday, 26th January, 2006:

Attractive Cutlery


We ate in Pizza Hut yesterday, because it was my elder daughter's school parents' evening and we got finished too late. And we like pizzas.

While waiting for my individual deep pan pepperoni feast, I noticed something odd about my knife and fork: they kept sticking together. A swift investigation uncovered that they were magnetised, and not just mildly: I could pick up one with the other enough to lift it off the table. One other set of cutlery was also magnetised strongly enough to do this, but the other two were only very mildly magnetised (so you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it).

Why does Pizza Hut have magnetised cultery? Do they use an electro-magnet to recover it in some automatic dishwashing system? Or are they trying to induce coronaries in people fitted with pacemakers?

The pizzas were fine, anyway.

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