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9:06am on Wednesday, 25th October, 2006:

New Office


I moved office yesterday at the university. I went from 1NW.4.10 to 1NW.3.11, which is to say down one floor and on the other side of the corridor. The new office is smaller than the old one, but it's just right for one person. Sadly, I have to share it with someone else, so it's a little crowded...

The move was done on Friday by staff from the Electronics workshop (I've no idea why). Everything made it intact, but things are in a weird order. Most of my papers are by the other person's desk, and some of his stuff is in a cabinet behind me. It reminds me of one of those Star Trek transporter accidents, where something gets mixed up so there's recognisable parts intermingled with other parts that shouldn't be there. This is perhaps not surprising, as it actually is the result of transportation going a little awry.

Nevertheless, I was able to sit down, crank up my PC and do a little work. Had the sun not then chosen that moment to stream through the (rather small) window directly into my eyes, I could have done rather more.

Oh well, it's been suggested that I may well get an office to myself next year when a bunch of senior members of staff retire.

Yes, of course, like that's going to happen...

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