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9:04am on Tuesday, 24th October, 2006:

Mad Ranter


I was interviewed last night on BBC Radio 5 Live. Fortunately, contrary to the suggestion inherent in its name, it was recorded rather than live (interview at 11pm for broadcast between 2am and 3am this morning). Also fortunately, it wasn't just me being interviewed but also Ren Reynolds (in our capacity as Terra Nova bloggers).

Ren came across as knowledgeable, thoughtful, wise, intelligent and charming. I came across as a mad ranter. My lengthy explanations and incoherent metaphors were stopped in their tracks by the alarmed interviewer in order that the discussion returned to the virtual and the real, rather than the virtual, the real and the surreal that I was in danger of making it become.

I didn't record the interview as I was assured that there'd be a .mp3 file I could download, but I can't find it yet. Hopefully, no-one else will find it either.

Just as well I don't have a reputation to suffer.

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