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10:17am on Sunday, 23rd July, 2006:



We're off on our holiday today. The flight isn't until tomorrow, but we're staying overnight at an airport hotel because my wife doesn't think I can drive the 90 miles to Gatwick on Monday to make a noon flight.

Yes, well maybe if she were driving we wouldn't...

Our destination is Florence, which is one of my three favourite cities in the whole world (so far — the other two are Seville and York). We'll only be gone a week, because my wife refuses to accept that British people normally take two-week holidays, and as she's the one paying for it, well, it doesn't really matter what I think...

As usual, I'll be blogging while I'm there, but probably won't be able to upload anything until I get back. Again, as usual, my in-laws will be house-sitting while we're gone, so any would-be burglars among you hoping to pick our home clean while we're absent can forget it.

I wonder what we'll accidentally neglect to take with us this time?

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