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12:33pm on Wednesday, 22nd March, 2006:

Exercise Update


I went to the physiotherapist again today about my bad shoulder. Somewhat disappointed that the "crucified on a rolled-up towel" and "lying in the sun" exercises hadn't killed me, she devised two new ones to replace them.

One of these, which she has been threatening for some time, involves leaning against a door jamb for two minutes, five times a day. OK, I can do that. It hurts for about 90 seconds of those two minutes, but I'm nothing if not stoic.

The other one, she devised this morning especially for me. I have to lie face-down on the bed with my arm dangling to the floor, then bring it up elbow-first until it's parallel with my body. I have to hold this position for two minutes. Even were I able to get my arm into the position she wants, I doubt I'd be able to hold it for two minutes; the question is moot, however, as I can't actually lift it up that far. Also, it seems to be pulling at my neck, which is still hurting several minutes after I've finished.

I'll try it again a couple of times but if there's no improvement in my technique I'm going back to lying in the sun. That may be agonising, but at least the bit of me that hurts is the bit of me that's faulty, not a perfectly functional other bit of me.

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