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1:13pm on Wednesday, 22nd February, 2006:

Blocking the Road


This morning, I was driving back having dropped my wife off at the train station at around 7:15, when a skip wagon in front of me swung out across the road and stopped. It then proceeded to do some forward-and-reverse maneuvring to line itself up with a driveway in which was a rubbish skip. The skip was attached to the chains on the lorry, lifted onto the back of it, and then the lorry did another n-point-turn and set off.

During this whole period, the road was blocked in both directions. Long queues of traffic built up, but there was nothing we could do except wait. I realise that skip lorries do have to recover their skips, but the morning commuter rush hour is not the time to do it.

The skip hire company, by the way, was Bugg.

They certainly bugged me...

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