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8:42pm on Thursday, 21st December, 2006:

No Pictures


I wish I'd taken my camera with me today on the consultancy gig I did in Brighton, because despite the super-foggy 120-mile journey I saw two things I wish I'd been able to photograph.

The first was a pair of road markings on single-lane street. One was an arrow pointing in the direction I was travelling, and the other was an arrow pointing in the opposite direction. Not the kind of thing you want to see when you're at the wheel; I assume that it used to be one-way in the opposite direction but they changed it and couldn't get the old arrow off the tarmac.

The second was on the M23 heading in the direction of Gatwick Airport, where I overtook a Star Alliance truck. It was filthy on the back (as were most vehicles — that's fog and motorways for you), and of course some wag had written in the dirt. It was what they'd written that caught my eye, though: the word "Alliance" was crossed out, and underneath was written "Horde".

Damn, but I wish I'd been able to snap it.

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