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8:03am on Tuesday, 21st November, 2006:

Foot in Mouth


I received eight Christmas cards yesterday. Here's one:

The eight cards (plus envelopes) were from "the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists", along with a letter telling me how I could pay for them.

I didn't ask for these cards, they were just sent to me. What's more, I don't want them. I'd send them back, but of course there's no convenient nor free method of doing so.

This seems to me to be an unpleasant attempt by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists to engage in emotional blackmail. They send you cards you don't really want, and they don't supply the means to return them, but the cards are actually quite good, and hey, it's Christmas, and these poor people are a charity (although actually they're not, they just sound like they should be one).

So, what should I do? Hold on to the cards until the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists come to collect them? Or recycle them? Or should I use the cards yet not send any money?

Aw, given that I'm a mean, cold-hearted bastard, you know the answer...

If they'd called themselves "the Foot and Mouth Painting Artists", I might have bought their cards just for the sheer comedy value.

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