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9:30am on Monday, 21st August, 2006:

Darts Dilemma


Sometimes, people are so bad at playing darts that your best chance to avoid being hit is to stand in front of the dartboard. You know that wherever the dart ends up, the least likely place is the one the thrower was trying to hit.

On August 30th, I'm supposed to be interviewed by the Discovery channel for a programme they're making about virtual worlds. They've interviewed lots of other big-name VW people, and I'm on their list of people to film in the UK. They expect to start recording at 9am. That's OK, I can get to central London by 9am.

Also on August 30th, I have an appointment with the eye clinic to see about getting this cyst removed from my eyelid. I've been on the waiting list since June, so I don't want to miss it. I'm sue to see the consultant at 2:40pm. That's OK, I can get back to Colchester by 2:40pm.

Well, I can if the trains are running fine. To be safe, I ought to ask for my eye appointment to be rescheduled to another day. I can't ask the Discovery Channel to reschedule, as they're only filming on that one day.

Except, every single time I've ever been given a time to be recorded for a TV programme, they've changed it at the last moment. Forward a day, back a day, back a week, can you make it this very afternoon, can we come to you instead of you coming to us ... it happens every time. Thus, although I've been given a time of 9am on August 30th, past experience tells me that this is the one time it won't happen. So do I reschedule the eye clinic appointment or not?

It's a darts dilemma.

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