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8:32am on Friday, 20th October, 2006:

Rock Went to College


Tonight at 10pm on BBC4, they're showing a recording of the Lindisfarne concert that took place at Essex University which was filmed as part of the Rock Goes to College series.

Blimey, I was in the audience for that!

It was a free concert. I close to the front in the queue for tickets, having got talking to Nigel Roberts of the Computer Society who suggested we may as well stand around and chat productively than just stand around and chat. This would be only two or three weeks into term, well in advance of the actual concert (which was in December). While we waited, I described to Nigel what I'd done with games and computers, and he said I really ought to meet his friend, Roy Trubshaw. We went straight to the Computing Department afterwards, and waited for Roy to appear. One of the other programmers there, Keith Rautenbach, showed me something that Roy had written a few days earlier entitled MUD.

Yes, I have told you all this before.

The concert was way too loud, and the students booed the theme to Z-Cars.

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