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11:06am on Sunday, 19th March, 2006:

Folk Remedies


My mother's first piece of advice as to how to get rid of my stye was to rub it with a gold ring. It had to be gold and it had to be a ring, but it didn't matter which kind of ring. My response: "So you're basically saying I should squeeze the pus out into my eye, then?"

Her second piece of advice was far more sound: go to a pharmacist and see if they have any of a product called "Goldeneye". I was somewhat skeptical of buying this stuff, its having the word "gold" in its name, but I did go to a pharmacist and asked what they had to get rid of my affliction. It turned out they had two products; the better one was more expensive, except it was half price, so I should use that one. It was Goldeneye.

It seems to be having an effect, too. When I woke up this morning, I could open my right eye without having to wash away a night's worth of gummy, congealed gak.

Sorry if you're reading this over breakfast.

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