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4:58pm on Tuesday, 17th October, 2006:

Email Time


I received an email from the university today, explaining that messages sent to my university account may take several hours to reach me following their arrival. This is on account of the university's anti-spam solution, which involves scanning every incoming email line by line and running it through two different filters. This, it would seem, takes rather a long time.

Apparently, the university receives 140,000 emails every day, 85% of which are spam. Huh, lucky university: that's only 140 times the number of emails I receive daily at home, some 98.5% of which are spam. My own simple filter-on-title and filter-on-sender rules get rid of around 90% of the chaff, and the remainder are easy to skip through. I could dispose of even more automatically if I were enthused enough to write a few additional rules.

Hmm, maybe if I just took what I do, put it in a software wrapper and made it do nothing for 500ms before deleting items, I could sell it as an anti-spam product and make pots of money?

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