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10:39am on Monday, 17th July, 2006:



I was listening to the Today programme this morning, and there was a discussion between some chap representing concert promoters and another representing eBay. Apparently, there's a conference for concert promoters on today, and they're discussing what to do about touts.

The concert man had some fairly strong words about eBay's practice of allowing tickets to be sold on its site. I was expecting the eBay man to come back with some platitudes, but no! He tore into the concert man over the concert promotion industry's poor ticket distribution system, its failure to offer refunds, its tendency to give out block allocations of tickets to sponsors — pretty well the whole of the client-facing part of their business. The concert man was taken aback, "I've never been called Fagin before...".

It seems to me that the concert promotions industry could solve all these problems at a stroke if it wanted, merely by putting all its tickets for sale on eBay right from the beginning.

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