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4:28pm on Tuesday, 17th January, 2006:

Heavyweight Case


Hey, I bought myself a new case to carry around my laptop in!

My old case was made of webbing, and eventually it fell apart at the seams (which is what seems to happen to bags and stuff made of webbing). As I didn't get a great deal for my birthday, I decided to splash out and buy a new case that was a bit more robust than the old one. It cost me £70, and the label that said "real leather" was real leather even if the rest of the case seemed suspiciously faux.

Anyway, today I tried it out for the first time when I gave my EE114 lecture.

Augh! It weighs a ton! I wouldn't have thought that the relative weights of laptop cases would have counted for much, but blimey...

Still, it looks swanky if nothing else. A shame I'm not superficial enough to rate that more highly than potentially having my arm torn from its socket.

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