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1:00pm on Saturday, 15th April, 2006:

Shopping Experience


It was a busy day at Sainsbury's. Not as busy as it was yesterday, according to the manager who bellowed this out to another manager (he had to shout because my head was right in front of his mouth), but nevertheless busy. Shelves were emptying fast, so they had people restocking them. Restocking shelves involves moving palettes out into the aisles and getting in everyone's way.

There are certain days to avoid going shopping. Friday, for example, is Old Person's Day, when Sainsbury's is packed with scores of old people wandering about buying cat food and abrasive toilet paper, talking to one another as if they're lifelong friends when they only just bumped into them (in some cases, I suspect, because they can't remember if they know them or not). It's hard to get around the shop when people are moving slowly, let alone when they meander all over the place, are prone to stopping suddenly and quite often stop and go against the flow because they forgot the lavender-scented furniture polish on their list.

Another day to avoid at Sainsbury's is Tuesday, which is Carer's Day, when the shop is brimming with people whose job it is to look after the mentally impaired, along with their charges. This is characterised by slow-moving, wide loads too, especially if there are wheelchairs involved. The people don't stop so often or go in the wrong direction so frequently as the old folk, but they tend to spread out — carer in front, with charge given the honour of pushing the trolley and an invisible string connecting the two which must not be cut.

Today, though, we had regular shoppers compressed into narrow lanes by the palettes. This brought out the worst in all of them/us. I was help up more than three times each by examples of the following:

I'm aiming to get "trolley rage" in the Oxford English Dictionary.

And they didn't have any Cadbury's Creme Eggs!

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