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9:16am on Wednesday, 15th March, 2006:

Football Exploit


I thought of an exploit for football!

At the kick off, one player has the ball and the other ten in the team link arms and surround him in a circle. They then walk the ball into the opposing team's goal.

It would work, except for the catch-all in rule 12 about unsporting behaviour.

Now as far as I know, this is determined purely by the referee, and no-one has ever gone to court claiming that their actions weren't unsporting and they shouldn't have been booked. This is perhaps because rule 5 states that the decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final, but no-one has challenged that in the courts either.

Maybe that's all we need with virtual worlds: a rule against unsporting play, and someone with god-like powers to enforce the rule. Any challenge to this arrangement in court would have to be very careful that it didn't also challenge the same arrangement in football.

Now to work on, "I bought the ball from someone who didn't own it, so it's mine".

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