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6:53pm on Wednesday, 15th February, 2006:



Not everyone thought not to be a terrorist is indeed not a terrorist. Not everyone thought to be a terrorist is indeed a terrorist.

I thought I'd better get that out of the way before the government's ill-conceived bill against glorifying terror becomes law. I'd hate to get arrested for indirectly condoning terrorism.

This morning on the radio, the Home Secretary was asked to give an example of a placard which might be illegal under the new law that wasn't already illegal under existing laws. He replied that the new law would catch placards reading, "I glorify terror". Wow. I bet the presenter felt so stupid for asking.

After the bill was passed, the Prime Minister said that he hoped that this would send a signal to would-be protestors. I think it does, but sadly that signal is "we're a bunch of easily-spooked politicians who are hoping this knee-jerk response will scare you away".

If they take away many more of our civil liberties, we'll be no better off than if we let the terrorists win.

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