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7:49am on Tuesday, 14th March, 2006:

Take Heart


So there's this new stuff called rosuvastatin which can reduce cholestrol levels and remove fatty deposits in arteries. Yay! I knew all those years of eating chocolate and ignoring health warnings wouldn't be wasted! Now all I need to do is hold my nerve until the drug comes out to turn excess fat into muscle, and I'm set.

Rosuvastatin couldn't have come at a worse time for my father, though, as he's working to a plan of spending his money at the precise rate that will mean there's exactly nothing left only on the very day he dies. Now, he's going to have to cut back on his expenditure quite seriously, as it's possible this stuff could give him another decade.

Tsk, medics, they just don't care about the effect their work has on people.

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