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12:13pm on Saturday, 14th January, 2006:

Spam Keywords


Bizarre. I got not one but two emails today with the subject "Concentrate on life — not food ejaculate".

The email began:

It`s a PERFECT time to loose some weight!
What if you could not just lose weight - but feel good doing it?

Ah, that old lose/loose conundrum...

Anyway, the email plainly concerns a weight-loss product, so why add the word "ejaculate" to the subject? Won't a whole punch of anti-spam rules fire the moment they see it?

My guess is that yes, they will, but the spammers reason that the people whose rules don't fire on it will want to see it, therefore will be more inclined to read it. I suppose that the kind of people who eagerly await emails with the word "ejaculate" in the title may well be under-exercised and obese, so this isn't entirely a bad plan.

That said, I'm adding "ejaculate" to my own spam filter right now, so I'll never find out if they continue the practice.

PS: While I was typing this, another email arrived with the same subject. I'd better hurry!

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