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3:24pm on Wednesday, 13th December, 2006:

Inaccessible Music


Yesterday, my elder daughter had to play her flute in a carol concert. The location was a church on North Hill in Colchester, and the time was 7:30pm.

So, I drove her there, dropped her off opposite the church, and told her that's where I'd pick her up when the concert ended.

Come 9pm, I received a phone call telling me the concert had finished, and could I go collect her. I said yes, and set off.

When I got to North Hill, however, I discovered that in the 90 minutes of the concert the entire street had been descended upon by scores of workers and was being dug up. It was completely closed, and diversion signs sent me down the High Street at 90 degrees to where I wanted to go. Furthermore, there was nowhere I could stop, all the parking bays being full due to Christmas revelling. I finally managed to pull into a car park about a mile away so I could call my daughter and agree where to meet (at a lay-by at the bottom of North Hill). Then, I had to drive another 3 miles or so to get there from where I was.

This meant by daughter was left standing around by the side of the road at night in an isolated part of town until I arrived. Just as well there aren't any mass murderers in the area...

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