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9:24am on Monday, 13th November, 2006:

FTP Mystery


One of the images I used in yesterday's entry (world2.jpg) still hasn't uploaded. FTP just times out on it, no matter which verison of FTP I use (I have three). I've no idea why it should pick on this particular file: the images world1.jpg to world4.jpg have sizes: 41,111; 48,826; 43,375; and 49,111. I've tried changing its name, but to no avail. I could probably do it if I had shell access to my web account, but the administrators have that typical "under no circumstances ever trust the users" attitude so I don't.

I suspect the fault is due to my ISP, rather than my web service provider, although they're pretty shaky too (taking down mud.co.uk at random times claiming I've somehow used it for email spamming, but never being able or willing to provide evidence to show just how I might be able to do that, seeing as how it doesn't come with an email account).

I'll try sending it from my university account later.

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