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10:35am on Sunday, 12th March, 2006:

Ol' Richard


I used to do occasional vanity searches using search engines, but this is impractical now that Google returns 73,400 hits for +"Richard Bartle" (down from 76,800 in December — augh! People are deleting web sites with my name on them!). The Google Alerts system is supposed to do automatic searches on updates for you, but it's hopeless. I therefore use two other services to pick up the occasional reference to my name: Google Blog Search and IceRocket, both of which are RSSable and trawl blogs. They often, but not always, intersect, and although they're not exactly comprehensive they're better than nothing.

Occasionally, these searches pick out references to my work, and I usually reply to them if they look sincere. Sometimes they're rants, and I'll reply to those, too. Most of the time, they're from people I know writing about things I know about anyway. Occasionally, though, they're bolts from the blue.

Here's a particularly delicious one that showed up today, which manages to both inflate my ego and deflate it in a single sentence: I think I will say, "very cool work" to ol' Richard.

Cool work! Yay!

Ol' Richard! Augh!

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