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3:48pm on Tuesday, 10th October, 2006:

Lecture Time


I gave a 50-minute lecture today and finished 10 minutes early.

This is odd, because it was definitely a 50-minute lecture, not a 40-minute one. How come I ran out of material?

I've come to the conclusion that the speed I deliver a lecture depends in part on how many people there are listening to it. The more people, the slower I go, until some critical mass is reached and then I start speeding up again. However, I also go slow if there are just a few people. It must be something to do with engaging with individuals and with groups:

1-3 peopleSlow
4-8 peopleMedium
9-15 peopleFast
16-30 peopleMedium
31-100 peopleSlow
>100 peopleMedium

Today's lucky lot were in the 9-15 group. So, that's that explained, then!

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