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12:26pm on Saturday, 10th June, 2006:

Temporary Signs


I drove my daughters to Colchester this morning. On the way out of West Bergholt, we were stuck behind a bike for a short while, the rider of which had a number on his back. Sure enough, when we came to the T junction at the end of the road, there was a sign with a picture of a bicycle on it, an arrow pointing to the right, and the word "START". It was on yellow plastic and had been fixed to the road sign with those strips of plastic generally used for tidying cables.

The next sign we saw was pointing the opposite direction. The wind had caught the sign and spun it round. The sign after that was pointing the correct way (ie. towards Colchester), because it had caught on the "roundabout" sign on the post of which it was affixed. Every other sign we saw — and there were maybe half a dozen or more of them — pointed in the wrong direction. Consequently, the road was full of cyclists with numbers on their backs, riding up and down and shrugging at each other.

I suppose they won't be complaining; after all, they'll be even healthier as a result.

Oh, and one of them had an England flag on the back of his bike; nice touch!

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